ETL504 Assessment One – Critical Reflection

When reflecting upon my understanding and practice of leadership in the school library, I considered my first posting in Module 1 of my ETL504 course in which I was asked to provide my understanding of leadership. My opening statement interpreted leadership as follows:

‘Leadership, in my opinion, is the process of influencing the attitudes, values, and behaviours of others.’

Although I still agree with my statement, I can see how my views and understandings are developing and maturing as I progress in my studies.

Presently, I consider that as a leader within the school library, the Teacher Librarian is an advocate for enrichment and growth. It is the responsibility of the Teacher Librarian within their leadership capacity to support and nurture lifelong learning. As a school leader, the Teacher Librarian works both singularly and collaboratively with teachers to resource effective and engaging teaching and learning.

A Teacher Librarian demonstrates leadership:

–          In collaborative program planning and teaching, creating and implementing vibrant, quality learning experiences that guide students in inquiry based learning that is multi-modal and media rich.

–          When supporting colleagues in the creating, resourcing and implementing of their units of work. Teaching them how to resource lessons effectively with technology, keeping them up to date with current and new trends in teaching and learning in a media rich environment.

–          Managing library programs, assets, services, and staff in order to sustain the school library to the benefit of the school community and constantly evaluating these according to changing school needs and goals.

–          In technical services and ICT. The Teacher Librarian is knowledgeable in resources, hardware, networks and networking, troubleshooting, trends, Web 2.0, website development and maintenance, and all other facets of the digital world in which we exist. She advocates and educates for others to be knowledgeable too.

–          As an advocate for the school library and its students. Promoting the library and its resources, and advocating for the further development and improvement of the library and its assets for the benefit and access of the current and future students and the greater school community. Promotes and nurturing a ‘whole school focus’ on information literacy.

–          As a participant in Professional Development. The Teacher Librarian is a lifelong learner always working at sustaining and maintaining high levels of professional knowledge.

–          As a representative in the professions of both teaching and librarianship. Promoting accessible literacy for all, supporting students in teachers through encouraging lifelong learning, creating and implementing vibrant high quality teaching programs and lessons, endorsing the services provided by the library, both school and public, forming partnerships with local school librarians and public libraries to encourage the networking of professionals and the sharing of ideas and resources.

–          As a living and breathing information specialist, advocating reading and researching, promoting investigation and discovery, demonstrating and encouraging a love of learning and endless nourishment the brain, supporting students in all attempts to unearth something new and set their expectations high.

–          When allocating and utilising school library budgets to support teaching and learning within the school.


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