Searching Academic Databases – Getting Back Into It!

I have grown using computers. From the humble days of Kindergarten, writing ‘I love my white dog’ upon a black screen with green writing. One or two fingers slowly poking at the keyboard.


(How cool I felt in Kinder when it was my turn to use the Computer!)

Through to completing my secondary studies and tertiary qualifications, where  I was expected to complete database research as a requirement to pass, let alone to find learned findings amongst journal articles to evidence my point of view.

Now as I am requested to do so again in my Post Graduate studies, I feel as though I have a slight advantage. My history as a database user, as well as my current position in which I have to endorse and support the use of eResearch databases, will help me as I continue to develop as a lifelong learner.

The development of databases such as Primo and EBSCO, in my opinion, have been well developed to be quite user friendly. When reading my module notes on database use, I guess I was expecting there to be some dramatic change to this sort of research in my 3 year absence from  studying. Yet, I still find them easy to manipulate on my return. So the general layout and functions have been well thought out for the student to become easily familiar with.

The feature I find most useful is selecting the criteria to specify the search for full-text articles. There have been so many times where I have typed in my search topic, awaited results, become excited about a couple of the titles of the journals in the search results, and then realised they are unavailable as full text – or even that they are only available when paid for! This can be quite frustrating!


Now I am off to create some new folders for my research findings!


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