From the Little Things…

Why, Hello There!

It seems to be a daunting task writing a first post on my blog. I have thought and re-thought the angle with which to take this post and I am feeling the pressure to get something written down regardless of whether it is ‘the perfect post’ – just so I know I have taken the first leap into the blogging abyss. (Probably a little bit dramatic, I know!)

I guess I should start at the beginning. As part of my learning journey within my Masters of Education Degree I am writing a blog. Yes, this is a requirement for some subjects – however, I also plan to engage with you all by uploading other interesting posts and tidbits that are part of my being within the wonderful world and profession that is teaching and library services.

‘From the Little Things…’ will enable me to share with you all my development from a Teacher and Library Assistant into a sparkly new Teacher Librarian! You will be able to see the development and change as I start off with the humble beginnings and little steps, grasping the foundations of my learning, through to growing into a leader and guiding others upon their own learning journeys.

Now I shall retreat and tackle the multitudes of work awaiting me. I am excited to begin!


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